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Cross-selling promotion panels:

  • increases your sales
    (your auctions promote each other)
  • are simple in use
    (you do not need to be familiar with HTML)
  • they are automatic
    (you place them in auction once, and their update is automatic)
  • their appearance is elegant and esthetic
    (with possible color change)
  • they are reliable and productive
    (even if you offer thousands of items)

Cross-selling promotion panels:

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How eBay cross-selling tool increases sales?

Automatic auction panels are used to increase sales at auctions thanks to mutual promotion of auctions by other auctions. Our service provides special HTML code, which after placement in auction displays gallery of miniatures of your other auctions, encouraging potential customers to see your other offers. It all works automatically, so you place the code only once, and our system automatically updates data about your offer and it changes displayed items every more than ten minutes. Sequence of display may be random or planned: time left, number of bids, price, keywords, etc.